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The benefits of hypnosis can seem to be infinite, especially when you consider that wherever there is involvement of the mind in a particular problem, or issue, hypnosis can be used as a tool to facilitate desired outcomes. Below are some of the contexts that Spokane Hypnosis Center specializes in.



  • Behavior  Modification – Overcoming Addictions, Stop Smoking, Motivation to exercise, Substance Abuse, Gambling


*Please note: Some addiction therapy may require a release from your medical provider and/or additional treatment from a medical and/or psychological provider.



Spokane Hypnosis Center offers several different weight loss programs, including but not limited to:


  • Hypnotic Gastric Band: You are taken through the process of having a gastric band fitted surgically. The good part is that there is no actual surgery, no drugs or complications associated with surgery, no scarring, and no forbidden foods. This is a multi-session program that continues to adjust your gastric band as needed and reinforce successful eating habits.


  • Weight Hypnotherapy and You (WHY): A multi session program that helps with the psychological and motivational aspects of weight reduction. It is a solution oriented approach that focuses on current behaviors that relate to food, eating habits, coping skills and exercise. This program enables the client to work at their own individual pace.


  • Eat to Live: This is an amazing nutrient rich program for fast and sustained weight loss. It is developed by Dr. Joel Fuhrman M.D. If you want to see fast weight loss results and are willing to use hypnosis to help you change your diet, this program might be for you.


  • Other Specialized Weight Loss Programs are also available from Spokane Hypnosis Center: Please call 509-999-1169 to set up a free phone consultation and/or appointment to discuss your specific needs.


  • Self-Discovery

Personal Growth and Transformation


  • Improving Skills

Sports, Test taking, Public Speaking, Focus


  • Releasing Anxiety

Relaxation and/or stress reduction


  • Dealing with fears/phobias


  • Medical Hypnosis

Reducing or eliminating pain

Controlling physiological processes – bleeding, coughing

Finding the subconscious causes of psychosomatic illnesses

Eliminating or reducing fear of upcoming medical/dental procedures


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