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Whenever we do not follow through with something we want to do, whenever we fail to make positive moves toward a goal we want to achieve, or when we continue doing something we want to stop doing, we know that the conscious mind and the subconscious mind are in disagreement. We also know that the subconscious mind is winning the disagreement. Spokane Hypnosis Center can help you bring these two parts of your mind into alignment and agreement.


Most of us know that just telling ourselves consciously to make a change in our behavior doesn’t work effectively a lot of the time. If it did, we would all be at our healthy goal weight, none of us would have bad habits or addictions (certainly everyone would stop smoking) and we would all make great decisions consistently. At Spokane Hypnosis Center, we believe that in order to achieve our goals, we need to convince the subconscious mind to help us instead of sabotaging us order to achieve the results we want.


During hypnosis, the conscious mind is more relaxed. This is sometimes called a “trance state”. The trance state can be anywhere between the relaxed feeling you have while reading a book or watching a movie, or a deeper trance like you feel right before you fall asleep. Very effective hypnotic work is done in all levels of trance. Your subconscious mind will know exactly where you need to be.

Be aware that your subconscious mind is still aware during hypnosis and is able to process the information and suggestions. It is simply relaxed enough to allow information to be sent to and/or retrieved from the subconscious mind.


Here at Spokane Hypnosis Center, the hypnotherapist will make sure you are comfortable and all of your questions are answered before your first hypnosis session begins. There is often a list of questions that we go through with you, so that we can give you the most benefit from your hypnosis session.

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