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Doctor adjusting balance on weighing scale
Personal Trainer


  • Behavior  Modification – Overcoming Addictions*

Stop Smoking, **Weight loss, Substance Abuse, Gambling

  • Self-Discovery

Personal Growth and Transformation 

  • Improving Skills

Sports, Test taking, Public Speaking, Focus 

  • Releasing Anxiety

Relaxation and/or stress reduction 

  • Dealing with fears/phobias 

  • Medical Hypnosis

Reducing or eliminating pain

Controlling physiological processes – bleeding, coughing

Finding the subconscious causes of psychosomatic illnesses

Eliminating or reducing fear of upcoming medical/dental procedures


Spokane Hypnosis Center uses an interactive approach to hypnotherapy which is client-centered. My philosophy is one of empowerment, based on the belief that the client possesses the power for change and holds his/her solutions within.  My role is to facilitate the client in discovering, understanding, and utilizing these inner resources in order to bring about effective, long-term results.


​Please call Spokane Hypnosis Center for special offers on hypnosis packages. 509-999-1169

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